About The Author

Brian Prendergast - Author

Fully Qualified 'Old Crohnie' of over 40 years .

Intro to the book...

This is essentially why I wrote the book.

It has taken me a long time but now I have just published my book on Amazon! It's basically written as a self help book for people with Crohn's, Colitis and IBS (wasn't intentional, it just turned out that way!). It is my own personal journey for about 40 years with Crohn's, and by reading it, you will hopefully spot something in your own life, that makes your symptoms worse, and be able to eventually learn how to combat it. From talking to people that got the book so far, it turns out we are all very alike in certain ways, and they were able to spot personality traits that I had, but they also had. I was able to change mine, and so did they. The book is non medical, but it brings you through my ups and downs and thankfully ups again! It mentions the medication I was on at the time, and the many procedures I had. From the messages I am getting, it turns out that existing Crohnies, apart from buying it for themselves, are also buying it for their partners, family members etc. to simply help them with awareness of what a daily reality is in the life of a Crohnie.

Even though it's a serious subject, I made the tone of the book light hearted, as sometimes all you can do is laugh at our situations! I hope you enjoy the read. Once again the book is intended to be written with a lighthearted tone, but will tell of good times, and also some bad times. You might find it to be brutally honest at times, but at the end of it, I want you to take the good things from it and learn to avoid the bad. Everybody has different symptoms and levels of sickness, so the aim of this book is for ‘All Crohnies’ to learn to cope a bit better, by reading somebody else’s story and knowing that you are not alone in this world. Hopefully your way of thinking, will eventually come around the way mine did: - Yes I know I have Crohn's Disease, - but Crohn's Disease Does Not Have Me! I got it priced on Amazon as low as I could so it could be affordable. Please 'spread the word'! - Brian