A true life account of living with Crohn's.

A lighthearted true life story of the ups and downs, and thankfully ups again, of a man learning how to cope with Crohn's Disease for 40 years.

Book Features

A book that is more like a 'fly on the wall
documentary, due to the way it is written.

Over 40 Years

Story covers 40 years
of Brian's struggle and then management of Crohn's.

All Fact, No Fiction

True life memories as they happened, and how they happened.

Kindle Version Also

Now along with paperback, you can order the Kindle version.

Serious but funny

When you see the situations I have been through, you will have to laugh!

For Newbies & Oldies

For both people who are new to Crohn's and Colitis, and also for fellow 'Old Crohnies'.

Self Help

Some people have found it to be of self help by reflecting on a different persons Crohn's story.

Read and Experience
The Different 'Stages' of Brian

There are no photo's in the book, but you will visualise them

Why Choose This Particular Crohn's Book

Non - Medical

I am not a doctor, so you will find no medical jargon in it. Totally plain English.

Newbies & Long Termers

This book suits both, as for newbies and crohnies, it can prepare you, and cope better.

Self Help

Many people have messaged me saying that by reflecting on my journey, it helped them.

True Life Story

This is me from the beginning but not till the end, as I'm still here! Well for the moment...!

Light Hearted Tone

Our illness is serious enough, so I wrote this with a light hearted look at my scenarios.

'Feel good factor' book

My book has a 'feel good factor', and when you read it, you will see why. It wasn't always that way, but is now!